Sultan of Brunei splurges $24,500 for a haircut

I think it is safe to say that if you are a blue blood, there is bound to be an eccentric gene somewhere hidden that emerges in the most unusual situations. Well, we got to see the eccentric and extremely paranoid side of the Sultan of Brunei recently. Earlier this month, the Sultan decided to get a new haircut recently. But since he is the Sultan, you don’t expect him to go to any ordinary hairdresser. Like true blue blood, he decided to splurge on himself by flying his favorite barber, Ken Modestu, from London to Brunei. But worried about catching Swine Flu, the Sultan made sure that his barber didn’t mix with other passengers on the plane and hence paid £11,000 ($18,000) for a private luxury cabin for his barber. Overall, this luxury trip of the barber cost the Sultan £15,000 ($24,500). All this just for a haircut!

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Modestou, who runs a barber’s at the Dorchester hotel in Mayfair, central London, charges £30 ($50) for a trim but leaves the Sultans palace with a hefty envelope filled with moolah. The barber, who regularly visits the Sultan, has been cutting the Royals hair for 16 years. Considering the barber’s royal treatment, I am sure Mr. Modestou has no complaints of making the 7000 miles round trip every time the Sultan gives him a ring.

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