Video – Kylie Jenner shows what she carries inside her Birkin – Surprisingly 20 products are from her own brands

Every girl carries her world inside her handbag and Kylie Jenner is no exception. Her recent video revealed what she carries in her beautiful, limited-edition rare ‘black Birkin’ and it had everything from tons of beauty products to snacks for her daughter. We have been inside Kylie’s closet that showcased more brands than I know but I am certain I spotted quilted Chanel’s, Louis Vuitton, Judith Leiber, and many, many Hermès Berkins neatly lined up like a royal family. This time we got to see what products these beautiful bags hold and it was quite a trip! In her ‘What’s In My Bag’ YouTube video shot inside that gorgeous and massive closet, Kylie looked breathtaking in all black- a black skintight turtleneck with fitted leather trousers and a complementing all-black Birkin. Keeping the current precautionary measures in mind, the makeup mogul first removed out her Kylie Skin hand sanitizer, which is not available to purchase just yet. She also revealed an upcoming PR card for her Kylie Skin Hyaluronic Acid Serum which launches on the 18th of this month. Kylie Jenner X KKW Fragrance Nude Lips perfume came next; the Nude scent from her collaboration with older sister Kim won ‘Fragrance of the Year’. It wasn’t just makeup products but Kylie also keeps with her a pink and black old school camera, gifted to her by sister Kendall Jenner for her birthday to document her daily adventures. Next was her matching Hermes wallet followed by another unreleased product- Kylie Skin silk scrunchies. Like most of us, Kylie doesn’t head out without her customized charger a gift from her doting assistant for her 23rd birthday trip, and a pack of extra gum. Absolutely relatable right?

Her big Birkin bag also contained two face masks one that belonged to her own brand and read KYLIE in pink letters; the other one was from older sister Kim’s SKIMS brand. It was endearing to see Kylie’s doting mom side as she also carries around an apple sauce in her bag for her daughter Stormi. She also keeps with her the Kylie Uno game, as by her own admission, ‘You would be surprised how much we actually do play Uno. Like every dinner we go to, anytime I’m with my friends we’ll be out and after we’re done eating, we’ll clear the table and play Uno for like an hour or so.’. Other makeup products that followed were Kylie Skin lip balms, Ulta plumping lip glosses, another Ice Latte Lip Liner, Girls Trip Lip Liner, Kendall Lip Liner, and Risque Lip Liner. Don’t express shock at the amount of makeup she carries around; we would expect nothing less of a makeup mogul!

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