We can’t get over Kylie Jenner’s fabulous V-day brunch! Here’s why…

What did you do for Valentine’s Day? Just a sweet dinner with your loved one? Clearly not enough in a world where Kylie Jenner exists. We were barely over her daughter, Stormi’s 2nd birthday celebrations when Kylie ruined sweet Lil, intimate dinners on occasions like V-day for us. Who can compete with a sunflower field/foyer and a brunch only a billionaire can afford? Don’t feel miserable we are only getting started with the details here; the sunflower field was topped by eye-grabbing decor and snacks. It was a splash of love for her nearest and dearest with lips and hearts party balloons, a glittering art section to paint the love, chocolate-covered strawberries in fifty shades of red and so much more. The brunch also made her girlfriends feel loved thanks to the handwritten messages left on their tables.

We can’t end the post without discussing what was on the menu. Well, a bunch of sweet-treats was spotted on the table that was occupied by a lot of fruits looking absolutely tempting. We also managed to spot and crave some delicious looking avocado toast, danish and crackers. The other Kardashian sisters too had a love-filled day but no one comes close to throwing a party than the youngest of this very rich lot.

[Via: Who]

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