We get it. You’re rich! Fans slam Jennifer Lopez for an ostentatious Thanksgiving post from a private jet

Thanks to our recent post on Jennifer Lopez we know she is one of the richest women in the world who enjoys a net worth of about $400 million. The world is happy for Jenny from the block and her stupendous success until Lopez and beau rub their luxe in the faces of fans. In a recent post, Alex Rodriguez asked his fans about their plans for Thanksgiving as he traveled home to New York on a luxurious private jet with fiancée Jennifer Lopez on Monday. The 45-year-old former baseball player clearly hasn’t read the room called Planet Earth who is dealing with an uninvited, refusing-to-leave, guest called COVID-19. They looked incredibly relaxed in the comfort of their own airplane with Jennifer hanging up her legs under a $1,550 Hermes comforter but what followed must’ve made them equally uncomfortable. Alex’s post questioning fans ‘We have so much to be grateful for and are excited to be heading home to spend time with family. What are your holiday plans’ was met with a lot of criticism coupled with a heavy dose of sarcasm. one person reacted, “Hmm let see…stay home lol can’t visit family due to the pandemic,” while another said, “Good for you going against the ridiculous CDC guidelines for Thanksgiving”.

@sophiesmom0123 wrote, ‘None. We canceled all of them. We’re in the middle of a pandemic. @kay_kay_cuso was clearly livid as he wrote, ‘Your world is way more interesting. We do not have a jet. We do not have a job as of shut down. We do not have much but we do have health. Keeping the Center for Disease Control and Prevention warnings in mind even popular video calling service, Zoom, lifted its 40-minute free limit to promote more communication between families.

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[Via: Fox News]

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