Where Are They Now? Child Stars of the 2000s

It feels like only yesterday that Buffy the Vampire Slayer was still on television, skinny jeans weren’t yet A Thing, and Justin Bieber was still a nice boy who needed a haircut. The 2000s brought us much to love, including the following celebs… but where are they now?

1. Haley Joel Osment
“I see dead people.” Otherwise known as the creepiest kid in any movie, ever, Haley became famous overnight for scaring the living bejeezus out of cinema goers everywhere in horror movie Sixth Sense.

Osment was only 11 when he made the movie, and was the second youngest actor to receive an Academy Award nomination for a supporting role.

Things haven’t always gone so well for the actor. In 2006, Haley pleaded no contest to misdemeanor DUI and drug possession.

He’s gone back to his creepy roots now, though, in the movie “Wake the Dead,” a modern-day Frankenstein. He really does love those dead people.

2. Abigail Breslin

Otherwise known as Little Miss Sunshine, Abigail has been in front of cameras since the age of three – and got her first Oscar nomination in 2006 at the great old age of 10. Not too much of an over-achiever, then.

After a string of performances in movies like Signs, Definitely Maybe and My Sister’s Keeper, she hit the big time with her starring role in Little Miss Sunshine.

Breslin is still acting, but she’s also turned her hand to singing – and throwing some serious shade at guys who mess around. Her first single, ‘You Suck,’ is dedicated to all the boys out there who “are players and don’t have respect for girls.”Yikes.

3. Rupert Grint
He might have been part of the biggest movie phenomenon of the 21st Century (if you don’t believe us just look at how the studio has been preserved as a popular tourist site), but you probably haven’t seen a lot of Harry’s carrot-topped pal since then.

Now age 26, and after 10 years in the hit movies, Grint has earned enough money never to have to work again – somewhere in the region of £25 million, to be exact.

For now, the actor says he’s “just enjoying being free,” but the stage beckoned last year as he starred alongside Matthew Broderick and Stockard Channing in comedy It’s Only A Play.

4. Georgie Henley

When the director of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe came to Georgie’s town in search of kids to play the four Pevensies, she apparently knew Georgie was perfect to play Lucy after one audition.

She then played the part in three films – but what’s she been up to since then? Penning songs about her cheating ex-boyfriend? Getting arrested for drink-driving?

Actually, no. Georgie has been at school. She’s now at Cambridge University studying English and being all clever. She says if she doesn’t keep acting in the future, she’d like to teach, or experiment with music or writing. How refreshing.

5. Bow Wow

Lil Bow Wow, aka Bow Wow, now aka Shad Moss, released his first album in 2000 when he was 13. It was called Beware of Dog, and his follow up album was called Doggy Bag, I sense a theme here…

Apart from repeatedly changing his name, Shad has been trying out an acting career, with roles in Like Mike, Roll Bounce and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

In September last year, he hit the headlines for getting engaged to his girlfriend Erica Mena, who reportedly still has feelings for her ex-girlfriend. It’s a dog’s life, eh?

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