Autum Heretic coffin couch adds life to your living room

If bony chairs are not really your pick then you need something better that a boring couch for your luxurious home. Autum Heretic has crafted a beautiful 81.5-inch long, 31-inch wide and 26.5-inch deep customized couch made from an 18 Gauge Steel Coffin which has been welded at the bottom to increase its durability. The seating are has been hand sewn and set in Black Italian Leather from Life Marks & Grain Variations Will Occur.

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And to finish the not-so-grim creation the couch has been airbrushed in glossy black by Pewter Trim. Limited to 3 versions, the couch is priced at $4,500. I hope you don’t have fears like Scooby Doo or Shaggy, otherwise you will be eluded or a pretty work of art, just at the grave!

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