Baccarat’s Think Pink collection oozes femininity, allure, and fineness in the color of the season

Is it Baccarat, or is it Barbie? The French luxury house and manufacturer of fine crystal have donned the color of the season with a capsule collection of crystalware that’s packed with pink to the brim, pun intended. The Think Pink collection embraces the notion of love and affection. What better hue than pink to personify emotions? The collection comprises four pieces: the Eye Vase Pink S, Faunacrystopolis Pink Bird, the alluring Papillon Lucky Butterfly Pink, and the Bloom Collection Pink. The nearly $1400 vase is the most robust object of the Think Pink collection.

Despite the new avatar, it screams Baccarat with a spiral movement. Jaime Hayon designed the 11.5cm Faunacrystopolis Pink Bird. The pink passerine flaunts minimalistic tinted lines and a price tag of $300. The most pretty pink crystal ornament of the range is the 6.5 cm tall Papillon Lucky Butterfly Pink that makes the heart flutter, and it is not due to the $200 price it gets along. This Baccarat butterfly is indeed gorgeous!

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Completing the enchantment is a bouquet of Baccarat flowers with the Bloom collection, presented in a joyful palette of colors. The $170 crystal flower comes in pink and red for the perfect romantic juxtaposition of crystals. Just one crystal flower won’t do! You can purchase the Think Pink collection at a Baccarat boutique near you.

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