Bottoms up doorbell

Form and function are connected in ways that have become more and more intricate today. Technology allows us to turn things over and look at them in new ways. Technology has enabled us to separate the technical contents of a functional object and its formal appearance. It is said that today, we have wired the old tools for hospitality. We can make them sound at great distances, and we can reinvent the ways we use them…The Bottoms Up Doorbell is a perfect example of this approach to design. Bottoms Up Doorbell, designed by Peter Van Der Jagt, incorporates two crystal glasses in place of traditional bells. A small hammer lightly taps the glasses when the doorbell is pressed, creating a crystal clear, chime. Bottoms Up Doorbell is a device consisting of an electromagnet, a hammer, and two sound sources; welcoming the guests with a musical toast.

This beautiful alternative that is as astounding as it is practical, is available for $235.00. Transformer 12V DC/1Amp is necessary and it measures W: 25 x D: 9 x H: 24 cm.