Exquisite gemstone globes for $200,000

When I look at a globe, I am reminded of all those horrible geography tests in which I somehow managed to scrape through. But the globe has many uses than just those related to academics. Luxury lovers specially love to use the globes as pieces of décor to add a touch of class and sophistication to their study or office spaces. For such folks in search of an exquisite globe to adorn their living space, the beautiful hand crafted globes available at Pianki are definitely a must buy. The beautiful Diamond Cut 40″ Mother of Pearl gemstone globe as well as its 24ct gold plated version is truly a class apart. The ocean in the globe is handcrafted in mother-of-pearl with each piece cut in triangle or diamond to give this globe its marvelous appeal. The beautiful globe sits on a 4-leg antique silver stand while the gold version sits on a magnificent 24ct gold plated stand. Both the versions feature a highstand with a compass. Custom made, these gemstone globes make for exceptional pieces of décor.

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Both the globes sell for $200,000 and are available here. You can also customize the globe according to your choice.