Extreme UltraKing Bed Is The Largest

Size does matter! Small is good….small is smart…..small is powerful but this may hold true in the world of technology and gadgets. When it comes to décor and furnishings big…bigger….or biggest create a grand impression! Roll about in this mother of all beds – The Extreme UltraKing. It measures an astonishing 12 feet wide by 10 feet long! It doesn’t get much bigger than this! Build by one of the premier luxury mattresses manufacturers in the US, the Extreme UltraKing system is made with extra-dense coil construction, natural latex, and lamb’s wool for superior support and comfort, yet it’s designed to fit through any door. The bed is put together inside your bedroom – assuming you have a bedroom big enough to house it.

Every Extreme UltraKing is custom made so pricing is by quotation only. However, prepare to spend at least 5 figures or so for this mammoth bed! Just don’t feel lost on it…..

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