Get cozy with the Eklipse Designer Lounge Chair

In the modern-day, it pays to be different. There is no room for the conventional. That’s why this Eklipse Designer Lounge Chair has been noticed. The design shifts from what is traditionally expected from a chair and gets creative. It is oval in shape and certainly looks like a piece of art with one smooth, long, curved line. A nice feature is the metal frame, which can be molded to the perfect comfort level for anyone just by sitting on it. This means hours of comfortable lounging.

The beautiful lounge chair is available in black, dark brown, grey, red, or white. The upholstery options include either leather or fabric. It’s ideal for a commercial setting, but it can easily fit into a contemporary looking homeroom. The Eklipse Designer Lounge Chair is available for $4,050 at Spacify.

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