Hearthfall that doubles as waterfall

How about adding a waterfall to your existing fireplace? Two of the most powerful, yet relaxing and rejuvenating elements in nature are fire and water. Hearthfalls has ingeniously developed a way to bring the two worlds together in the home. The self-contained hearth, columns, and mantel can be added over an existing fireplace or used as a water feature only against a once uninspiring wall. Whether in conjunction with a fire or on its own, a spa-like sheet of water pours forth from the mantel, creating the relaxing sound of a babbling brook. You can safely build a fire with either gas or logs, and built-in lighting fills the room with dancing light to create a warm ambiance.

The whole thing is designed so that no water actually splashes onto the roaring fire accidentally putting it out and kicking up clouds of smoke. There’s even a remote control to easily change the color and water flow from across the room, and the mantel is available in a variety of marble textures and colors to suit your room ambiance. So in the summer, you can have the relaxing sound of flowing water whilst in the winter the warming sound of a crackling fire (or a combination of the two).
Cost: $2,495 (wood) to $40,000 (lapis)

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