Liquifloor by Cafe Interiors Enlivens your Floor

Touch and voila… the color tone changes! Just play around chasing the air bubbles on your floor! Do we sound whimsical? Read on and find out yourself. Liquifloor is a ground-breaking flooring solution by Cafe Interiors. The visual impact of this flooring stimulates the imagination and allows for direct interaction with the underlying fluids. It is the first interactive title that is an art form in itself. These unique floor tiles are composed of durable layers of PVC, the top layer of which is transparent. Between these layers is a colorful gel-like liquid that alone can inject a fun punch of color into any space. As pressure is applied to the surface of the tiles, the liquid becomes a living work of art as it swirls and flows around one’s feet. This organic movement constantly changes the appearance of your floor, so that you’ll never see the same thing twice.

Choose monochromatic if you would like to obtain gradual shading or bichromatic to play games with moving colors. There is a large choice of colors and they can be further enhanced by the application of text or images. On a practical level Living Glass can be used for tabletops, bar surfaces and is suitable for various applications. The technical specifications support innovative design. It is not a concept but a living, moving reality and can be located exclusively at Café Interiors Limited.

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