Morfeo Couch – a sofa-bed to sleep and dream!

The maker says that this couch was inspired by Morpheus, the god of sleep and dreams but I totally disagree with that. Any layperson (like me) will agree that this is undeniably motivated by the funky character Shrek. This couch is actually the output of the combination of design, functionality, and fantasy. Designed by Stefano Giovannoni, it looks as if it were just a couch to sit on comfortably, a place to have a conversation or to read a good book, comforted by a soft light, full of atmosphere, which you can move around in order to suit the position you want to sit in. But it can become a handy bed too, which welcomes you in its soft space with the need… to sleep. The flexible lights (Shrek’s horns) on the Morfeo are especially cool because you’d always need reading lights and that too on both sides of the bed/couch.

Inside the frame is a folding bed-net with mattress laid upon, easy to take out. This sofa-cum-bed from Domodinamica retails for a shr(i)eking 4200EUR (5,500 USD). I wouldn’t mind having one in my room except for the associated price tag.

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