Sofa made from car trunk…coolest ever!

Talk about best out of waste. Creating something as cool as these sofas with car trunks is surely commendable. They look cool, sassy and a welcomed break from those mundane, beige and white and black sofas that occupy space in millions of homes all around the world. Though some of these are not appropriate to be a part of your living room, they can surely be used in your bachelor pads or cafes or restaurants. I think they make a very good statement. The car seats have been used as the most obvious. The doors are used as arm rests and do a great job at that. The other components have also been used intelligently to create an impact. The most striking design aspect is that even though this car is totally dismantled to make a sofa, you can guess that it was a car before or that the sofa is made out of a car trunk.

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These sofas are available in various colours and shapes and can be modified or recoloured or accessorized as per your wishes, pretty much the same way you would do your car. Its a great buy if you wish to change your interiors every now and then. For a change sit on something different!

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