Spacearium is Ceiling Mounted Aquarium for your den

Fishes on the wall…….fishes on the table as well as under the table…………but fishes in the air? I am referring to the fish aquariums that are existing in every possible place in the most remarkable manner. The latest style to flaunt your fishes is the Ceiling Mounted Aquarium called the Spacearium. Presented by Aquarium ASP, it is the most divine and exceptional approach to home décor – a fish aquarium hanging from your ceiling. Working with your existing decor rather than dominating it, the clear glass has an open and neutral look. Furthermore, it can help to elegantly split the sitting area and the dining area of your living room. My pets with fins in that small square fish tank on a wooden pedestal are also asking for a new home!

To read more about its techie part and other spec, you can read at the Aquarium ASP site.


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