Stokke Gravity balans Chair will make you feel light

Experience weightlessness! Norwegian company Stokke is known for developing products with distinctive looks, using materials that ensure that each piece remains a classic. The Stokke range of Gravity Balans chairs is ingenuously designed by Peter. The Stokke Gravity is as popular as ever, as the fashion for looking after the body and spirit remains the same. One of the reasons it is so popular is that the chair offers you an almost weightless feeling whilst seated, providing relaxation for body, mind and spirit. These extremely comfortable chairs allow the spine and pelvis to tilt automatically into the correct position to relieve pressure on both the back muscles and ligaments. The chair features four positions, being suitable for any situations!

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The sloping seat allows wider space between the thigh and the upper part of the body, while the leg cushions prevent sliding forward when working at a table. When leaning back your legs will be lifted higher than your head providing you with the best position for relaxation and well-being! More so you can feed your brain with excess supply of blood too in this position! The wooden parts of the “Stokke Gravity Balans” chair come varnished, wood stained, oiled or waxes and they feature a guarantee of seven years. They assure that the fabric used is also very high quality and you can choose from a large variety of colors. So guys get close to gravity for just $1200!

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