Swing Table with hanging chairs blends playtime with dinner time

Christopher Duffy, the London based designed has unveiled the designs to his unique Swing Table. Now we know that a dining table is a place where the entire family or friends can get together, for a meal, or for some discussions over tea. Duffy’s whole idea of creating this swing table is to add some fun to this experience. The 8-seater (although bespoke sizes are available) table is incredibly innovative with 4 posts, a beautiful GEO lampshade to lighten up the dining experience, and with chairs floating around it makes it extremely convenient during cleaning.

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The tabletop is made with walnut from Stewardship Council managed forests and the powder coated mild steel table that lets you experience dining in a whole different way comes for a little over $11,000. Although the designer feels that the table is great indoors, imagine how much more fun it would be to have this in your backyard.
[Duffylondon and Trendir]

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