The Kosha Chair rocks as a personal reading space

There are times when settling down with a good book to unwind in our busy lives seems near impossible. To make things easier and provide a great space to read, designer Claudio D’amore created the Kosha chair. More than just a chair indeed, the Kosha works as a great place for some alone time, with your favorite book, of course. Shaped like an arc, the Kosha chair does well when placed near a ceiling-to-floor window or out in the open. Also, this one sports place to keep your reading material safe from the hands of your kin! A great place for some solitary time, the Kosha chair works just as well as sitting by the seaside, the fireplace, or near a stream while settling in for a bit of reading. The Kosha Chair is available for 36’000 CHF ($41,500).

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