The Miss Gana Ottoman-your home décor gets green

The moment you happen to lay your eyes on this piece of décor, you would be delighted to the core. The color, fringes and even the eco-friendly stamp makes this chair (to your surprise, it’s a chair!) off-the-beaten-path furniture. A colorful, fun item with a serious purpose, the Miss Gana Ottoman (2003) is an eco-friendly design crafted out of a soft rubber made from recycled flip flops. In addition to keeping industrial leftovers out of landfills, Miss Gana repurposes the soft rubber without any further manufacturing. Crafted for both, indoors and outdoors, it renders comfortable and firms seating. The brainchild is Karen Wittmann Wilsmann and we don’t stop singing the songs of accolades here.

Casa Claudia, leading Brazilian magazine for architecture and interior design, has truly recognized its worth and couldn’t care more to bestow the Home Planet Award on it. you better get this chair before your next kitty party and let the ladies go green with envy while your rest on the rainbow-colored chair. The limited-edition tag is scary, so before it’s out of stock, get this for $250.

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