A fashionable necessity: The $120 Burberry Coronavirus face mask

By the looks of it, face masks are on their way to become our natural extension now. The foreseeable future shows no face sans a mask, which is why many fashionistas think it reasonable, to invest in a mask that does not only the good part of saving you and your precious health but looks stunning while doing so! Since masks are covering up more than half our faces now it may not be a completely absurd idea to brand them up. Burberry is launching its first collection of designer face masks right on time. Burberry’s masks are patterned in the brand’s iconic Nova Check print and come in two different colorways: tan and light blue. The masks that feature the iconic vintage check print are sustainably produced from revalued cotton fabric, provide Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE), and are enhanced with antimicrobial technology. Attention is paid to details here as these fancy Burberry masks come in their own portable pouch made from the same materials as the mask to protect it even when it’s not in use.

Burberry masks that cost nothing less than approximately $118 are certainly high-priced for a face mask but the proceeds do go towards a good cause. Burberry will donate a portion of sales from the masks to continue its commitment to its Burberry Foundation COVID-19 Community Fund. The fund donates PPE to hospitals across the UK and has made several monetary donations to vaccine research, charities, and companies producing and distributing PPE. Burberry vintage print face masks are available now from the Burberry web store.

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[Via: Elle]

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