A fragrance just for you – Bulgari’s new Allegra collection of perfumes can be customized in a million ways

The power of fragrances now has the backing of world-renowned brand Bulgari and perfumes will never smell the same again. In fact, that’s the ethos of Bulgari’s latest olfactory-pleasing collection called Allegra. This playful fragrance collection will effectively keep up with your ever-changing mood with the help of five fragrances: Dolce Estasi, Fantasia Veneta, Fiori d’Amore, Riva Solare and Rock’n’Rome, and five special magnifying essences dedicated for layering. Composed by perfumer Jacques Cavallier, the fragrances get new vibes and development possibilities with five special magnifying essences. Understanding that no two women are the same and no one can forever stick to the same fragrance, Italian luxury brand Bvlgari curated this collection of Eau de parfum and essences with a new concept, callee #MagnifyForMore in mind. It’s really quite simple; the Allegra collection allows users to customize their own unique scent using five indulgent fragrances and five magnifying essences. What you are left with is a scent that’s exclusively you and a perfect representative of your personality.

Let’s talk a little about the fabulous fragrances first- Riva Solare is a sparkling citrus-based fragrance that brings forth a heady combination of orange and osthamus with musky base notes. Dolce Estasi is a powdery floral scent with keynotes like Italian citruses, heliotrope, and musk. Fantasia Veneta is inebriating like an Italian party with the irresistible combination of red peach, Indonesian patchouli, and vanilla. With keynotes like Turkish rose, Bulgarian rose, and raspberry, Fiori D’Amore is magnificently floral like a bouquet of fresh roses. To make your own version, first choose one of the five EDP fragrances in Allegra’s core, followed by a magnifying essence. The magnifying essences add new heights of pleasure to your scents featuring choices like magnifying bergamot, magnifying musk, magnifying rose, magnifying patchouli, and magnifying vanilla. The Bvlgari Allegra collection is priced at $263 for 50ml, $375 for 100ml, and $300 for 40ml for the Magnifying essence.

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