A gift guide for the man who loves carbon fiber

Well, it’s that time of the year again! Thanksgiving weekend is right around the corner and tiny red Santa hats and Christmas tree arts have already started to appear everywhere – even on the coffee cups. Yes, the holiday season has arrived. The relaxed and cheerful time we all long for brings along with it the daunting task of choosing the right gifts for the nearest and dearest. From major clothing stores to local businesses, places for holiday shopping have already started stocking up Christmas gifts. But, ladies, do you know what your man wants for this Christmas? Well, here’s a small tip – we love cars and along with it all the exotic materials that goes into making those jaw dropping supercars on those bedroom wall posters. Carbon fiber! Yes, we love absolutely love it. Carbon fiber to us men is what diamonds are to women. So, to help you out to choose the perfect gift for your favorite man, we made things simple by narrowing the selection down to three fashionably attractive gifting items made out of carbon fiber.

Avorities carbon fiber cufflinks
Cufflinks have always been one of the favorite items to give as a gift to men for just about any occasion. Let’s be honest, we do get a lot of cufflinks as gifts and our reaction to it always is: “yes, I know you didn’t put much of a thought into selecting the gift.” But that thought will vanish into thin air if the fine jewelry on those cufflinks is replaced by carbon fiber. These Avorities cufflinks by Dunhill in palladium plated brass have carbon fiber inserts and look brilliant. With the Dunhill logo at the back, these cufflinks make a bold statement that the person wearing it has a taste for high-tech materials than gaudy jewels.
[Available for $215 at Dunhill]

KarbonWorx carbon fiber sunglasses
If the man is an automobile enthusiast, he’ll appreciate the things that are hand crafted and take a lot of effort to make. Most top-end supercars like Pagani and Koenigsegg take many, many days to make and assemble, which is what makes it so special and desirable. Here’s one gifting idea which mirrors that quality, but without breaking the bank. This pair of KarbonWorx carbon fiber sunglasses is made of solid 3k pre-preg carbon fiber and takes 3 days to build by hand and then assembled by the KarbonWorx team in Florida; how cool is that! And thanks to the fact that it is made out of super lightweight carbon fiber, the pair only weighs just 20 grams without compromising on the strength. It also has a durable matte finish which not only enhances the appearance of the carbon fiber weaves but also keep the glasses looking great over time.
[Available for $180 at Carbon Fiber Gear]

Tumi CFX Elvington carbon fiber luggage
The last item on our list is this international carry-on baggage made out of carbon fiber. Luggage pieces made out of polished composite plastic or even high-quality leather are great, but they are not at all special. This wheeled suitcase features an exclusive flexible and real carbon fiber material by American manufacturer Carbitex called CX6. The use of the Carbitex CX6 not only gives the travel bag high-quality aesthetics but also helps it be super durable while being very light – two of the most important factors we look for while travel luggage shopping. The use of aircraft grade aluminum handles further shaves off that extra weight from the construction. This carbon fiber travel suitcase is the perfect blend of form and functionality.
[Available for $1995 at Tumi]

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