A one of its kind handbag designed by none other than Mrs. Gucci

We’ve recently heard of a limited edition handbag unveiled by Mrs. Gucci and LWW – and let us assure you this is no ordinary piece. With a design fee of more than ten million euros, this artistic piece is truly a work of art. Crafted by none other than the first lady Maria PIA Gucci of the Gucci family, the eclectic handbag has created its own space on the home page of LWW Customization (www.ftoc.com) as the top treasure of the world’s first FCF model based company. The creative design of the bag along with the unique materials has been offered by LWW. Well only the frontal part of the much talked about bag has been made public yet, well I’m sure you have heard: the lesser you see, the more intriguing it is!

Drawing inspiration from a child in China, this striking painted bag has us completely fascinated. To us, the piece looks like a child’s depiction of nature; beautiful white flowers, innocent butterflies and strokes of grass – the ‘beautiful world’. Encompassing a natural blend of tradition and luxury, the priceless handbag comes with a tag of the only customized handbag worldwide.

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Embedded with precious 57 gems and shells including clam shells, agate, emerald, mother of pearl and turquoise jewellery, this handbag portrays the recognition of China’s original design for the first time in the European fashion industry.

It’s a big event for the Gucci family after selling the Gucci brand. Although it is unavailable for purchase, it is truly a beautiful piece to enjoy. The reverse side remains a mystery as it has yet to be seen.

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