A secondhand Hermes Birkin bag just sold for almost $100,000 on Baghunter!

Baghunter has sold a pre-owned Birkin handbag for the astronomical sum of $99,750. The online consignment marketplace currently features a range of Birkin bags in a variety of colors and skins and one anonymous customer snapped up the rare elephant gray and black Bi-Color Porosus Crocodile Special Order Hermes Birkin in size 35 soon after it was made available to Baghunter’s VIP clientele.

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“A Birkin this rare doesn’t become available every day”, said Baghunter CEO, Evelyn Fox, “So we offered it to our VIP clients first, as is standard procedure, and within days received a call from a high profile VIP client.”
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“Many of the Hermes bags we consign come to us in pristine condition”, Fox added, “This is because many of the trusted resellers and collectors we work with understand the investment opportunities in Hermes bags and keep them solely for that purpose. This trend is set to continue with figures based on the past showing that the value of Birkin bags will continue to steadily rise by up to 10 times more than today’s market prices in the next 35 years if history repeats itself.”
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Special order bags have an added value as these are custom made by Hermès for an exclusive set of VIP customers and can take a year to make. Baghunter has also just listed an orange and black special order Birkin in size 25, so if you’re looking to make a purchase now’s the time. It’ll be the most stylish investment of your life.
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[ Available at : Baghunter ]

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