After long 108 years Guerlain reinterprets its iconic Fol Arôme by Guerlain fragrance

Fol Arôme by Guerlain is back in 2020. We need some major lift-me-ups this year and I can’t think of anything better than this revamped fragrance. Originally, Fol Arôme by Guerlain was launched in 1912 that is 108 years ago by none other than Jacques Guerlain. This reinterpretation of the Fol Arôme perfume is part of the Les Pieces d’Exception collection. The reinterpretation of this exceptional edition that is both limited and numbered is done by the in-house perfumer of Maison Guerlain- Thierry Wasser. Aromatic notes of sage and jasmine remain the same with additions like the powdery floral heart of iris, carnation and rose which make the scent more masculine in comparison. Let’s talk about the bottle now, it’s got all the typical features that make it exclusively Guerlain right from the legendary bottle with an inverted heart cap and a ribbon tied around the cap in the traditional Guerlain barbichage method.

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Fol Arôme by Guerlain will be available all around the world as a 30 ml bottle but only in limited numbers of 964 pieces for $762.

[Via: Fragrantica]

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