Amid a recession and a pandemic, Louis Vuitton has increased the prices across all its handbag styles by 20%

What will happen once lockdowns are lifted and life is allowed to go back to its regular form? People will start the cycle of buying and selling all over again. Some shopaholics will finally unleash themselves at stores and engage in some much needed retail therapy. But something will seem different, something won’t feel the same as it did when you were scrolling through the website at home. Is it the price? Yep you caught that Sherlock! That’s exactly the change Louis Vuitton fans need to be prepared for. There may be certain bags your heart has been craving and saving for all these weeks but add them to cart and see how magically the price increase increases your heart rates too. Louis Vuitton has quietly, but not so subtly in some cases, increased its prices as of yesterday. So what we have in front of us now is one of the brand’s most popular new designs of 2019, The Multi Pochette Accessoires now stands at a price of $1,900 instead of $1550 since September. Keeping the bag company in price escalation is another popular beauty, the beloved Onthego GM tote in Reverse Monogram Canvas that can now be bought for $2,690 instead of $2480. Don’t be too shaken by that as the Onthego GM in Monogram Empreinte increased in price by $400 and will now cost you $3,350. We could’ve bought the latest Louis Vuitton’s spring 2020 Speedy BB, in March when it cost at least $140 less than the current price of $2900. But that’s just another extra price we have to pay for staying indoors.

You will see a pattern here of a 20% increase is seen in almost all styles. The more popular the styles, the more the price increases. LV lovers who have shown restraint these past few weeks and kept away from buying a luxurious handbag can consider this increase a nominal staying-away fee. No stopping them from buying the Louis Vuitton of their dreams.

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