Anya Hindmarch and Coca-Cola have joined hands for a Diet Coke Coin Purse

Adding the fizz to fashion is the Anya Hindmarch and Coca-Cola’ Diet Coke Coin Purse.’ If the bubbly beverage is part of your day-to-day with its unmatched thirst-quenching properties, I think the stylish variant will leave you excited. The designer takes an everyday object and successfully converts it into something fun and trendy. The Diet Coke Coin Purse inspired by Anya’s passion for making the usual extraordinary can be clipped to the outside of your bag for easy access or used as a key ring. The little pouch incorporates every detail seen on the original can from quantity details, tagline, and even recommendations reading ‘best served chilled.’ the text on the top of the can pouch reads, ‘dispose of properly, please don’t litter.’

The can is clad in silver and white to give it a metallic look. This cutesy diet coke coin purse is crafted with Capra leather and gold hardware for its zipper and keychain clip. It measures only 6.5cm x 6.5cm x 11.5cm and has enough room to store all your pennies if nothing more.

[Available at Anya Hindmarch via Trendhunter]

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