Arm Candy of the week- Issey Miyake’s iconic Bao Bao bag

Think Issey Miyake think design, exceptional, intelligent design that leads the way to legendary fashion. That is the kind of thought and planning that went behind the iconic Issey Miyake Bao Bao bag. It stemmed from Miyake’s experiments with fabric and construction, with the idea that the more rigid triangles would create “shapes made by chance” when the bags were moved or placed on surfaces. The original Bao Bao Issey Miyake accessories collection launched in 2000 and we celebrate the bag that has been a design icon for 20 years today. We celebrate this rather celebrated bag as arm candy of the week and learn a little more about what made this bag truly exceptional. The Bao Bao bag is made from a mesh fabric layered with small triangles of polyvinyl; fill the bag with a couple of items and it transforms into a myriad of shapes. Over its splendid journey of 20 years, the bag has undergone many makeovers whether in size or form and color. The 20th-anniversary celebration has a new version of the bag that’s much-loved to date but never quite made it to be called an ‘It Bag’ as it wasn’t expensive enough(probably too clever too!). The newest Bao Bao is beautiful miniaturization of the original size and features a series of smaller bags in varied shapes and sizes.

The new series includes styles like ‘Lucent Frost’ a soft, textured crossbody bag in a plethora of attractive, bright hues. The ‘Carton’ Bao Bao bag is more of a satchel, possibly one of the smallest sizes of the lot with a wide adjustment range that makes it usable as a satchel, crossbody, or handbag. The ‘Crystal Mat’ series is mid-size with a combination of leather on the strap and handle and matte triangular pieces that lend a chic avatar to the Bao Bao handbag. The ‘Crunchy’ makes for a flat, lightweight two-way bag that can be used as a shoulder bag or tote bag. The bags retain the design aesthetic that grants the Bao Bao bag its unique quality and offers a plethora of options to commemorate the occasion with the purchase of a really awesome bag. The Bao Bao bags usually range from $400-$500.

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