Mercedes 2.0 chic bag is designed by Bea Valdes

You can never run short of classy bags and dresses in your closet; there are always occasions and settings that you can give them an airing and create a few ripples. And the latest classy bag that will get you a few second glances is the Mercedes 2.0 for Couturelab by Bea Valdes. The tastefully chic bag is done with labradorite, crystals, glass beads, sequins, and feathers and is not somber despite its gray hues. Known as a meticulous designer, Valdes’ creations are not for those who aren’t patient, as the 20cm wide, 15cm high, and 10 cm deep bag needs at least 8 weeks to come out perfect. This handcrafted bag with a renowned auto-brand name tagged to it is priced at $4,340.

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