Bentley Fragrances Launches: Momentum Intense

We were kindly invited to the Official launch of Bentley Momentum Intense. A pleasure, as always, to attend these momentous occasions.

If there was something to be taken from Bentley, as a fragrance brand, is that it is a level above. Premium car brands have only been able to achieve commercial sub-standard Eau De Toilettes- purely for purpose of merchandising. The Bentley model is different. The Bentley brand brings forward a certain X factor which simply cannot be attained by any other automotive brand; a sense of sophistication, a sincere feeling of authenticity and a pledge to deliver only the highest of standards. This is unique because it transfers so organically to their fragrance range.

Fittingly, Momentum (and Momentum Intense) were launched at the Shangri-La, at the Shard- a glamorous environment that compliments the design elements and context of the essence. The chic, high-profile post-modern interior makes for a beautiful platform to launch such a prestigious piece.

Cultivated by world-famous Natalie Lorson, the EDT is reminiscent of the much successful Eternity protruded by the strong concoction of Jasmine and Lavender that overpower, somewhat, the masculine British notes that we are used to from the Bentley line of fragrance. The EDP hits all of the right notes, though- captures the depth that one would be expecting. The identity is retained in the Begamot top notes and woody base, but the fresh, more youthful perspective comes through with the lavender top notes and well-curated heart notes. Needless to say, Madame Lorson has delivered consistently on this.

The metallic texture of the cap bares a strong resemblance to the Bentley grill. The uniform metallic tone has been carried through, branded by the timeless and iconic ‘flying B’. Again, a fresh perspective has been envisioned, but the brand roots have been loyally ingrained into this piece. On a completely seperate note, it was great to see somebody other than David Gandy in the promotional video. Momentum intense fits the bill for an authentic, top-tier parfums- cutting clearly away from stereotypical automotive brands. This fragrance competes in a field of fine essences.

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