Bottega Veneta now lets you put your signature on your favorite bag through their monogram service

Bottega Veneta is introducing a personalization option for their bags that will doubtless pique the curiosity of many. There’s something about stamping your initials on something that really seems to excite luxury customers, just think of that Burberry poncho that all of Hollywood was wearing with their initials on it. For Bottega, whose bags have never been particularly logo heavy, the move is on brand.

Bags from Bottega this season were designed specifically to accommodate monograms. You’ll find that many of the bags feature bold racing stripes that help spotlight the owner’s initials. Owners can have their bags stamped or embossed with their initials, choosing from six seasonal colors that complement the bag in question. You can even have your initials crafted in calf or crocodile leather and have them hand stitched to the chosen bag.

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The service is available to women and men, with a range of bags and small leather goods available for personalization. The monogramming can be done in as little as one day in the case of embossing and stamping, hand stitching leather initials could take a few extra days. The service is part of Bottega Veneta’s Customization Atelier which can be found in their New York flagship store as well as select stores around the world.

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