Bottega Veneta unveils boots made from 100% bio-degradable material

Sustainable fashion (more like Sustainable everything!) is the need of the hour! And in catering to it, we have luxury fashion house – Bottega Veneta create a new benchmark in footwear styling. At the recently held Autumn Winter 2020 show at Milan Fashion Week, the marquee unveiled boots made out of 100% bio-degradable solids. Yes, that’s right!

The chunky boots, a cross of clogs and wellies were flaunted by both male and female models in a surprisingly grand array of colors. One of the models wore a nude iteration of the boots with a knee-length vest and a matching turtleneck and black pants while another showcased a bold hot pink version paired with a matching sequin dress.

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The unisex footwear is made using sugarcane and coffee and is 100% biodegradable. Commenting on it, the brand in a statement said, “The rubber is made with natural molecules including ones derived from sugarcane and coffee, rather than with synthetic chemicals,” while further adding, “That means they will biodegrade within a year once placed underground, or in a controlled environment under specific lighting and humidity conditions alongside the presence of microorganisms.”

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Although the collection still featured leather pieces, including Western boots and tasseled pouches, the introduction of biodegradable footwear on the runway was a rather bold and applaudable move on Bottega’s part. It will be interesting to see how many takers the footwear garners in the time to come!

[Via: Dezeen]