Buy now or forever hold your peace! Hermès is set to raise prices across categories by the end of January

Looks like inflation affects designers too. Mizhatten and Purseblog have revealed that luxury goods titan: Hermès, is set to increase the price points of a number of their products including small leather goods, bags, jewelry and the scarves that they are famous for. Multiple sources from within the brand have disclosed that prices of your beloved Hermès products may increase by 5%-10% by the end of January. The price increase will affect stores in the USA as European Hermès stores are already reflecting the price increase (Cancel that European shopping spree before it’s too late!).

According to reports, small leather goods and bags will be the first categories to be affected with bags in particular reflecting the price change from January 28th onwards. Hats and gloves will show a higher price tag beginning January 20th while some homeware products will be pricier from January 30th onwards. Supposedly, scarves will not reflect the change until February.

Purseblog revealed that Hermès has been increasing prices annually for quite a while now, so those who want a piece of the iconic brand must reach for their credit cards immediately, because prices are only going to keep rocketing upwards from here on. Regular price increases are a must for luxury brands like Hermès to maintain an aura of exclusivity, ultimately that’s what makes buying their products sweeter for brand enthusiasts.

[Via – Purse-Blog]

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