Here are some easy ways to break the CEO-style code! From investing in evergreen style, acing the accessory game, to travel like a boss, we got you covered

Why talk the talk when you can walk the walk? With a good position at work, many great things follow but do people always transition to looking the part to the T? Being a CEO in a top company and looking like one are two entirely different things; one that can unquestionably influence your influence. While you may undoubtedly ace your game in the boardroom, there is another world outside where you continue to be CEO, so why not look the part? It’s easier than you think and help is here. Just like Batman has his Bat mobile, Superman and Spiderman have their respective uniforms; a CEO, male or female, has specific predetermined style codes that are happy to reveal. The next time you step out to travel in a swanky private jet and enjoy breathtaking locales, take a look in the mirror, and there you’ll find- the dapper CEO:

Trump with a trunk:
No doubt, whether at work or in life, a CEO usually lives life in a suitcase. This is why a run-of-the-mill bag will never do. Something distinctive and immediately recognizable (minus the logo) is a good investment, like the stunning Rimowa Trump Plus aluminum suitcase. Remember, if a man is judged by his shoes, a CEO is judged by his luggage.

Trenching your way to oomph:
Sometimes a weak pitch works if it is properly packaged. Similarly, what you lack in personal style may be made up for by getting home one uber-cool trench coat and concealing whatever lies beneath. A stunning trench coat even saves you the trouble of changing clothes after a long-haul flight and takes you straight to the meeting looking like the boss you are. Burberry’s iconic outerwear is a superb way of combining heritage and fashion.

Dazzle even on days off:
Once a CEO, always a CEO which means even on your days off, you’re being watched (read: looked up to). This is where luxury active wear becomes your best friend. Some excellent luxury athleisure brands you can wear to the gym, on a flight, or on lazy Sundays offer styles that match up to your performance.

Travel accessories for the win:
Who will if a top-notch corporate biggie won’t look the path and lead it? Travel accessories are not only for the fashion-obsessed but also for those who love to be and appear organized. A modern traveler, who means business, needs their essentials sorted at all times. Louis Vuitton’s monogrammed passport cover effortlessly combines style with practicality. Add something aesthetic like the Architettura luggage tag and people will learn of your artistic sensibilities without mentioning it in the resume.

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