Charlotte Olympia and Veuve Clicquot release a sparkling capsule collection

The bubbly pops and outflow charming champagne-inspired accessories! Barbe Nicole Clicquot’s clique combines with Charlotte Olympia’s spirited stance to add a heady rush to your wardrobe, much like the Veuve Clicquot champagnes do to your celebrations (or recreations, the bubblier, the better!) The limited-edition collection was unveiled to celebrate the Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup Polo charity tournament.

Bubbly Pandora
Lo and behold the bubbly Pandora! This could be the perfect Pandora’s box, unlike its mythological namesake known to hold all evils. Given its size, it can’t hold even one evil (or good), in fact, but who cares when it looks oh-so-bubbly in all its translucent glory! This champagne clutch is a goes-with-everything (almost), must-have of the season priced at a little over $1,000.

If there were ever a design meant for a celebration, then this would be the one. Literally christened “Cheers!” this chaste clutch in off-white makes a cheerful statement with its gold glitter and champagne flute design. You may just have to satiate your enthusiasm with only celebrating its appeal, though instead of sliding your arm through the circular black handle’s resplendence. Its $1,000 out-of-stock-ness renders it unavailable to all and fashionable sundry.

Bouzy Pandora
This very graphic cousin of the Bubbly Pandora is made to match the pretty pink Veuve Clicquot champagne cases. Or flowing flutes or that elegant tulle dress or the sheer lace top or, (phew!), basically, let’s not look for excuses. It’s chic, it’s pink, and its $1,200 (approx.)

While all luxe-loving eyes may have seen many a cork wedge and donned some as well (no faithful fashionista ever stops at looking now, does she?), Charlotte Olympia now brings a whole shoe crafted in champagne cork. And no, don’t break your hearts already; when I say “a shoe,” I mean design. For cork cherishing lucky ladies, there will be pieces aplenty of the latest ‘Dolly’ design at $970 (approx.) Did I say they are 6 inches AND with a gleaming gold platform?

La Grande Dame
This Swarovski encrusted offering is truly the Grande dame, not just of the capsule collection but of shoes in general. The limited-edition sandal in satin is truly a black beauty. And the shoe bubble doesn’t burst but fills further, with gold bubbles enhancing its elegance. Interestingly, it comes with an adhesive Polaroid picture to stick outside the prized shoebox and a price tag of $1,200 (approx.)

[Via – Charlotte-Olympia and LVMH]