Christian Louboutin swings suede and pony panache into its ‘F/W 2013 collection

Monsieur Louboutin gets set to French up the fall with fashionable accessories featuring suede and printed pony but mostly both at once. With fascinatingly combined fabrics and shades, the très chic collection offers something for the modest as well as the flamboyant in pieces that please one and all.

‘Acheval’ is the almond-toed archrival to all things drab and dull. It’s tall, suede, and has a leopard-print pony leather design down to its heel tip. It’s a boot-dream come true for Louboutin’s ‘Babel’-istas who like their colored shoe with some back-adorned spunk. The beaming rouge beauty is poised to kick lackluster in the shin for $1,795.

The booty with its noir, netted elegance delicately balances functionality with a dated reminiscence. Autonodo automatically evokes visuals of corseted bevies from the classics giving glimpses of the shoe with the slightest lift of their lavish gowns as it does of glistening skin through its lingerie-like lace with bow bedecked decadence. The shoe and its charming charades come for $995.

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Highness Sombrero
Satin says the Queen. And you can be her with the Highness Sombrero that matches its somber satin opulence with the delicately designed countenance. While this is no broad-brimmed hat as its Spanish/Mexican name suggests, the Sombrero does exude oodles of French opulence and elevates you to her ‘Highness’ for a royal price tag of $2,895.

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Dompteuse backpack
The bold backpack beckons a fashionable fall with a ‘dompteuse’ dash of coffee camouflage. The red grosgrain lining sits inviting everyday essentials while the printed pony exterior counters its stylish bashfulness with metal hardware and a daring demeanor. Fit for the shoulder as much as the back; the adventurous-chic accessory can be bagged for $1,895.

Dechaine Flat
Loub-loving men can get fashionable in flats with mixed material this fall. With a cap toe and a chain trimmed sole, the ‘Dechaine’ does have it all. The Oxford in suede and pony leather gleams dark and rouge in its imperial ether. The dressed-up shoe can deck up any look for $1,525.

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