Christian Louboutin Christmas tree with red soles grace their store windows

If it were up to Christian Louboutin, red would be the new white for Christmas. And a red Christmas it is for Christian Louboutin shoppers too as Studio XAG has designed red soled trees that adorned display windows at Christian Louboutin boutiques in New York as well as Paris and Geneva. The tree’s structure is made up of white shoe-casts based on the French designer’s ‘pigalle’ and his iconic glossy red sole. Reports suggest that each rotating tree is guarded by triple-mirror screen that draws you to the star of the tree, a shimmering Christian Louboutin that sits at the top.

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If green trees with same-old ornaments bore to bits, then this comes across as a refreshing take. I say just pay the store a visit, who knows, you just might like a pair to pick up for the Christmas party browsing inside as well!
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