Clive Christian bottles hedonistic excess in their new Addictive Arts collection of fragrances

British company Clive Christian, known for their luxurious fragrances is adding to their repertoire with a new collection titled Addictive Arts. This new collection explores feelings of hedonism and Christian himself told WWD that the collection is a “new form of perfume experience; provocative, decadent and an expression of our human tendency to excess.”

Interestingly the collection includes notes that originate from narcotics like wormwood, cocoa leaf and opium poppy. ‘Jump Up and Kiss Me’ has notes of tuberose, mandarin and orange bigarade; ‘Hedonistic’ highlights amber, smoky leather and labdanum; ‘Vision in a Dream’ features notes of almond, armoise and green galbanum; ‘Psychedelic’ has notes like kaffir lime leaf and armoise. The creatively named ‘Chasing the Dragon’ is more floral with as ylang-ylang, jasmine and narcissus; and lastly ‘Hypnotic’ is a blend of clove, black cherry and cinnamon.

Each fragrance in the collection will be priced at £525 for 75 ml. The Addictive Arts collection by Clive Christian will hit shelves at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus in the US from Nov. 1. In the UK they will be available at Harrods from October 8.

[Via:WWD (Sub reqd) ]

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