Creativity or Travesty? A Brooklyn based art collective is selling Birkenstock sandals made from shredded Birkin bags for $76,000

If Nike and Brooklyn Based creative label MSCHF’s holy water shoes titled ‘Jesus Shoes’ left you gobsmacked, then MSCHF’s latest ‘Birkenstock’ sandals, will make your heart flutter and eyes water. Priced between $34,000 and $76,000 the sandals could well be the world’s most expensive sandal that was created after annihilating $122,500 worth of genuine Hermès Birkin bags. The sandals, although good-looking does make you weep with a price-tag that’s unimaginably staggering with an official Birkenstock cork-and-rubber sole and a leather upper made from heartlessly and purposefully chopped-up Hermès Birkin bags. You should know this figure doesn’t include the cost of the sandals’ cork-latex sole, custom-made gold vermeil buckle, and the shoe’s actual production. The flip-flops made from destroyed Hermès Birkin Bags (can’t get enough stress on the point that revered Birkins have been brought to shreds) comes in black, white, and maroon. Each design’s price point varies depending on the model used to make the piece.

The brand continues the mischief by even copying Hermès iconic orange packaging. The brand states on their website, “When brands collaborate, they conflate, crossover, and context-collapse. A logo gets replaced here, a brand color there. In the end, what of the flagship product remains? Birkenstock, though, is no collaboration; perhaps we might more properly call them transubstantiation.”

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[Via: CNN]

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