Creme de la creme – Bvlgari’s new Le Gemme masculine collection

Bulgari’s new fragrance collection for men draws inspiration from colorful and precious gemstones. Fittingly titled Le Gemme, this collection includes six different fragrances, each one named after and inspired by a different precious gem. With names like Ambero, Garanat, Gyan, Malakeos, Onekh and Tygar, they are designed to intrigue and captivate the senses and have been created by perfumer Jacques Cavallier whose interpretations of the precious stones are olfactory journeys in themselves.

This woody oriental scent is a tribute to the Phoenician god, Melkart, who actually carried a shield made of amber. This warm fragrance features notes of vetiver root along with ginger, pink pepper and saffron not to mention Olibanum incense. Rich, earthy and sensual, Ambero is an unforgettable scent and one of the standouts of this collection.

The crimson garnet brings its wearer the courage and vision of the legendary Suleyman the Magnificent, the most seducing Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. With red as the color, Garanat draws on the rose to make a statement. Essence of Damascena rose and rose absolute from Grasse are intertwined with smoked chiaroscuro incense create a masculine and mesmerizing fragrance.

Jasmine Sambac, Indonesian Patchouli and oriental incense come together to create an arresting and aristocratic masculine fragrance inspired by the deep blue sapphires of Kashmir. This woody oriental scent is seductive but also elegant and mysterious.

With its layers and shades of green, the malachite is all about healing and well-being of nature. The Malakeos takes on the form of a contemporary Fougère by creating a clean and invigorating mix of Minty Geranium, Lavender, and Oakmoss are with Musk and Guaiac Wood.

This oriental oud fragrance is characterized by an ingredient that’s supposedly more precious than gold. Malacensis Oud from Laos is the rare and precious scent that’s blended with Labdanum and amber resin to create a bewitching and addictive fragrance inspired by the blackest onyx.

This ambery citrus fragrance references the tiger’s eye gemstone. The fragrance sparkles with notes of Grapefruit, deep Wood and Ambrox (a natural and abundant reconstitution of precious Ambergris). This fragrance is an explosive mix of contrasts that pays tribute to the fiery courage of the Indian warrior Shivaji.

Le Gemme fragrances are available as in 100 ml Eau de Parfum each priced at £215 each (around $262). Shop the collection at Harrods.


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