Dior makes its gaming debut by creating a capsule of skins and a virtual custom vintage car for Gran Turismo 7.

Via Youtube / @GRAN TURISMO TV

Kim Jones has done the unthinkable, and as a result, Dior unveiled a high-profile collaboration with the racing game Gran Turismo 7. A gaming world royalty, Gran Turismo is in its seventh edition as one of the longest-running franchises in the gaming world. Who better than the LVMH-owned luxury brand to partner with for a splash in the metaverse? The collection marks Dior’s first virtual clothing project for Dior Couture. Fans can expect a collection of unique skins, including a helmet, a yellow driver outfit, a pair of boots, and a special livery for De Tomaso Mangusta. Kim Jones, the Artistic Director of the men’s collection at Dior, has designed all these skins exclusively for Gran Turismo 7.

He shared with Vogue, “This dialogue between Dior and the world of video games is a renewed invitation to push back the limits of creativity and imagination.” The skins will be accompanied by a customized vintage car, the De Tomaso Mangusta, that will be exclusively available within the game. The collection that will have all of GT’s 3.34 million followers swooning was brought to life by the Japanese studio Polyphony Digital, a subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. Jones adds the number 47 atop driver and car, referencing Christian Dior’s inaugural fashion show on February 12, 1947. As per Fashion Network, Dior’s skins for Gran Turismo 7 video game will launch on August 25 at the heart of the game itself.

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