Disney ‘Bibbidi Bobbidi’ Boutique at Harrods transforms wannabe princesses into royalty for $1,650

We’ve all fantasized about going back in time, at one time or another (escapists, romantics and average Joes included). But here is piece of news that makes me want to go “forward”, if that’s even a thing. Because which little girl doesn’t want to be a princess, right? And for today’s young girls, the delightful proposition of becoming a Disney princess is even possible. All thanks to Harrods. Or should I say the magic wonderland of fairytale transformation!

“Once upon a time, a Fairy Godmother waved her wand over London Town and brought a little Disney magic to Harrods.” Those aren’t mere words out of a modern day Disney fairytale but stark, sparkly reality! Disney ‘Bibbidi Bobbidi’ Boutique has opened at Harrods offering, what they’re calling “a once in a lifetime transformation.” Enter Fairy Godmothers-in-training. No kidding! Before you call me delusional, let me explain.

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Located on the 4th Floor of the upmarket Knightsbridge department store is a so-called fairytale castle where wannabe princesses go to turn. Literally! Ask the steady stream of young ladies pouring in to pick an ‘experience’, the priciest being the ‘Royal Experience’ that allows girls to choose from among three exclusively designed luxury ball gowns. Not to mention, four glittering Princess shoes along with a sparkly tiara and an exclusive sash and t-shirt.

All moments are captured by the boutique photography team, including a royal make over where little ladies choose from a selection of hairstyles, face paints, nail colors and hair accessories, all the while swearing to be kind, courageous and trustworthy. And while they’re facing this Disney dilemma, there are Fairy Godmothers-in-waiting as their Godsend companions along with an hour full of pampering and preening.

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Result? Newly crowned royalty glowing with as much excitement as pixie dust and a bag full of goodies (read: make-up case, Princess travel case, a keepsake crystal Cinderella slipper and the complete Disney Princess doll collection) while your own pockets have holes that are $1,650 deep! Many would argue over its risks, however and not just for the price tag that is no doubt steep. After all, what happens once the little princess exits her “royal chamber” is a serious question indeed! In that case, you need to venture no further than Orlando, Florida where Walt Disney World Resort’s very own Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique offers princessy treatments costing no more than $190.



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