Not fashion forecasts, but the price of this limited-edition dress shirt is based on the fluctuating stock market

Are you looking to buy a dapper, crisp shirt? Then you better start monitoring the stock market. Confused? Eton has developed a novel marketing strategy to elevate the sale of its dress shirts. The Index Shirt, as it is aptly called, is a custom-made, White Signature Twill Shirt that can be yours for a price that depends entirely on the Nasdaq market. The shirt will either decrease or increase in cost per the percentage loss or gain of the index. The Swedish label’s shirt comes at a base price of $280, but it won’t be yours for that exact price necessarily.

It sounds like an exciting activity for someone engrossed in the stock market, akin to the toy catcher claw game at arcade zones. In the case of the Index Shirt, the challenge is to get it home at the best possible price. “We are continuously inspired by our customer’s strive for excellence,” Eton CEO David Thörewik said in a statement. “The idea that they can engage with an innovative conceptual product, the Index Shirt, allows them to make the right decisions at the right time, withstanding time.”

With Nasdaq being down, I can view the white cotton Index shirt with a single cuff for $222 at the time of writing. The dress shirt features embroidered symbols of the bull and bear on the front placket and comes with a Certificate of Ownership. It will be the first time the fate of buying a shirt will depend on financial, not fashion, forecasts.

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