Fashion goes wild with Roberto Cavalli Thigh-high Calf Hair boots

Before I go on raving about my latest find, the Roberto Cavalli Thigh-high Calf Hair boots, I’d like to repeat myself, “if diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then shoes are her sole (pun completely intended) mates.” So now you know just how important shoes are to our fashion-conscious girls. The current trend in the footwear fashion world seems to be all about thigh-high boots with even celebs like Rihanna being unable to resist their charm. The Roberto Cavalli thigh-high boots not only allow you to flaunt this latest trend but also help you show off your wild side. The Roberto Cavalli chocolate and beige animal-print calf hair boots have chic and stylish written all over them. The simply pull-on boots feature a contrast tiger and giraffe print, a light brown trim, a curved top, and a round toe. Finally, the cone-shaped heel that measures 125mm will make sure you stand tall.

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Just pair these boots with skinny black pants, and you are set to rock. Priced at £2,635 ($4035) these shoes are available here.

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