Gold Nuts & Bolts cufflinks by Verdura

Surprise your man this Christmas by letting him know you appreciate his industrious side, literally. How, you ask? By simply gifting him the very unique and extremely chic Verdura Nuts & Bolts cufflinks. Made for the man who is nuts about nuts and bolts, these cufflinks are truly one-of-a-kind. Sure to make a style statement like no other, these cufflinks are made from 18k gold! Your man will definitely find it hard to resist the bespoke appearance of these nuts and bolts cufflinks. The unique cufflinks remain true to their function, as the bolt is required to be screwed into the nut to ensure a secure fit. Now that is some serious piece of hardware that would even have Midas going green with envy. With an asking price of $6,500 a pair, these cufflinks are for the luxury-loving, style-conscious man.

While these cufflinks are definitely no match to the $4.2 million cufflinks which are the world’s most expensive, they still manage to be showstoppers. What do you think?
[Verdura and Trendhunter]

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