Goyard goes cute with a limited edition Snoopy capsule for 2020

All this time I could never bring myself to like Goyard bags. I always felt they lacked a panache or attractiveness that comes naturally to high-end handbags. However, I now stand converted to an admirer of the brand as the luxury house has majorly upped their cuteness quotient by teaming up with Peanuts to release another handful of Snoopy-printed accessories. It’s a double whammy for fans of the Parisian luxury house who are snoopy fans to as this capsule collection taps into the 90’s nostalgia with cutesy Snoopy prints over a set of bags and wallets. The limited-edition range includes the signature Goyard monogram totes in green, yellow, black, white, and red, adorned with a Snoopy print, as well as wallets in the same range of shades. The bags get further enhanced by the appearance of two-toned stripes that cut through the center. We also love Snoopy posing on the bags in its element like taking a nap or reading a book or partaking in other activities. Leather trimmings at the edges, sleek handles, and monogramming service to put your initials on your accessory make this one desirable purchase.

The limited-edition Peanuts x Goyard collection will be available on August 21 at Goyard’s Osaka Umeda Hankyu location with prices ranging from $402 to $1,517.

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