Graf von Faber-Castell’s Diamond studded fountain pen

All pens make a statement on a paper but only a few pens can leave a lasting impression even without writing. A pen studded with precious gemstones is often flaunted as a piece of jewelry. Grabbing our attention is the first diamond studded fountain pen from Graf von Faber-Castell’s limited edition collection. Dazzling in yellow gold body, the pen is decked with 58 diamonds totaling 4.6 carats and two Brazilian Madeira citrines. The barrel is shaped out of grained ancient wetland oak wood and 18-carat solid gold, while the pen cap, the end cap, and other metal parts are plated with pure gold. Even the nib is shaped out of bi-polar 18-carat gold. Pen down a check of £60,000 ($96,600) to purchase this diamond-studded fountain pen from Graf von Faber-Castell, which is also crowned as the Pen of the Year 2012 Diamond Edition. This pen that also commemorates the 10th anniversary of the Pen of the Year Collection retails at Harrods.

Five years back, the Pen of the Year 2007 by Graf von Faber-Castell sported a £1840 (about $3,000) tag.
[Graf-Von-Faber-Castell Via Luxuriousmagazine]