Smartphone-connected smart shoes Lechal will give you haptic feedback to drive better

Almost on daily basis we are deluged with new innovations popping up from different parts of the world promising to improve upon the current tech trends. We all have cars that have GPS units that give out voice navigation commands and there are even few cars that have vibrating steering wheel and seats hazard warning signs, but would you like your shoe to do these functions for you. An Indian tech firm named Ducere Technologies has come up with a new kind of smart wearable which is meant for your feet. Lechal, meaning “take me there” in Hindi, is a smart shoe – or rather smart vibrating insole – which is capable of interfacing with smartphones via Bluetooth number of applications – for runners, for the visually or audibly impaired, the elderly and also car drivers.

smart-shoe-2Connected shoes isn’t a new idea as Adidas’ MiCoach and Nike’s Nike+ both have been us for quite some time now but a pair of Lechals are quite different than them. It can connect to your smartphone to give you directions by vibrating when linked to your device. For example, you can use it with Google Maps for directions by setting a vibration on the left shoes for left turns and a buzz on right shoe for right turns. You can set different pulses and vibration types as you wish to interpret them for different functions and use it according to your own need. The Lechal rechargeable, water-resistant, washable smart-soles are set to go on sale in the fall with prices running between $100 and $150. They will be available in the form of insoles which can be used with most of the shoes or custom designed shoes.

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