Harlette teams up with Eskae Jeweler to create diamond studded platinum clasps

Redefining luxurious lingerie is Australia’s luxury lingerie purveyor, Harlette, who has teamed up with Eskae Jeweler to create platinum lingerie suspender clasps covered with diamonds. The unique creation has been awarded an innovation patent 2009100676 on 14th July 2009 for being the world’s first in lingerie. The platinum piece is set with 135 diamonds for a beautiful sparkling experience. The heart-shaped diamond clasps are sold with velvet suspender (garter) belts and cost approximately $15,000!

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Harlette’s unique designs and fabric have forever appealed to the discerning lingerie lover, says Naomi McGill, an innovation patent designer and creative director of Harlette Lingerie. Offering bespoke garments that are more about exclusivity than bling, the latest range from Harlette includes fabrics and adornments in embellished crystal- beaded French lace, silks, Italian jewel-encrusted tulle, velvets and, marabou, ostrich and peacock feathers.
Moreover, each piece is handmade according to the client’s needs, making the wearer feel even more special in the sparkling luxurious creations. For the luxury-loving lady, these diamond studded creations are truly a class apart.

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